Transition to Chemical-Free Deodorants

Making the transition to chemical-free deodorants can be a process of trial and error. We all want to avoid using toxic chemicals, but no one wants to stink in the process. Choosing the right chemical-free deodorant requires a little understanding of how these chemical free products work. To begin with, you need to realize that natural deodorants are not antiperspirants which is a very good thing. Common antiperspirant ingredients, such as aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium, block your sweat glands from producing sweat. While this seems like what you would want from a deodorant, these ingredients have been linked to numerous health problems including nerve damage, kidney damage, osteomalacia–vitamin D and calcium deficit–and has been linked to increased instances of Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

Instead of blocking sweat with harmful ingredients, chemical free deodorants work by killing bacteria with powerful essential oils that neutralizing odor so that your sweat doesn’t smell bad. Sweat itself doesn’t have a bad odor until it mixes with the naturally occurring bacteria on your skin. Chemical-free deodorants also use natural powders such as arrowroot and kaolin clay to help to absorb excess wetness from sweating without blocking your sweat glands. Keep in mind that you do need to sweat to be healthy but you certainly don’t need to stink!

cali+bare lavender+tea tree oil cream deodorant was created with all of this information in mind. Each ingredient was carefully researched to create a formula that would work for men, women and teenagers. You will notice that this deodorant works from the first use. The detox period that some mention really is not true. Either the deodorant works or it doesn’t. The one thing that you will notice after transitioning to a chemical free deodorant is that your underarm skin will become softer and smoother. Once you eliminate the chemicals that you were using in your conventional deodorant and introduce clean and healing ingredients instead the underarm skin will be able to breath and will become healthier over time. Also, there is the baking soda debate. cali +bare does not use baking soda. We feel that baking soda is for…well…baking! So, let’s keep that off of your skin. Most people are sensitive to baking soda on their skin causing itching, rashes and skin discoloration…yuck! cali+bare deodorant only uses ingredients designed for sensitive skin that are effective at killing odor and we have found that baking soda doesn’t fit that criteria. Below you will find a complete list of recognizable ingredients in the lavender +tea tree cream deodorant. …It’s very short list. Yes, that’s it! Now you are armed with the knowledge and everything you need in a little jar to combat unwanted body odor without sacrificing your health or well being! Enjoy!

The Ingredients:

raw shea butter*, arrowroot powder*, kaolin clay, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide (non-nano), tea tree essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

Detailed information on each ingredient:


Shea Butter Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (it is SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.


Mined from the mountains of Koa-ling China, kaolin clay is an extremely absorbent and detoxifying powder. It can easily absorb a lot of oil and moisture, which makes it a fantastic natural deodorant ingredient. Kaolin clay also has potent detoxifying properties. It is great at drawing out impurities from the skin and then neutralizing them with its blend of mineral and phyto-nutrients. Very gentle and great for sensitive skin types.


Arrowroot powder is a very absorbent substance that is very similar to corn starch. It servers as both a medium for absorbing sweat and as a thickening agent for deodorant pastes and sticks.


Magnesium Hydroxide absorbs excess moisture helping to eliminate the odor causing bacteria


Essential oils are the anti-bacterial stars of organic deodorants. Some essential oils are better than others for deodorizing because many essential oils are too harsh for topical use. Both lavender and tea tree have excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight bacterial that cause underarm odor while soothing and healing the skin

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