Sugaring – The Newest Natural Hair Removal Trend

You may be noticing Sugaring Spas cropping up all over the place. The newest hair removal trend is Sugaring. Not only is Sugaring effective in removing body and facial hair but it is the best option for people who are trying to go green with their beauty routines. Organic sugar paste wax is made with 100% chemical free ingredients. While going to a sugaring spa can be a wonderful experience it’s also time consuming and costly. cali+bare has developed a hair removal Sugaring Paste that you can use in the privacy of your home. cali+bare has three sugaring options; 14 oz container of sugar paste for large body areas to be used with the lavender Pre-Powder, a Nose Hair Sugaring Kit for men and women, and Facial Hair Strip Sugaring Kit for women only. Additionally, cali+bare has instructional videos that take you through the sugaring hair removal process with each product showing you how quick and easy sugaring is. So enjoy the latest and greatest hair removal method that I’m certain will be your favorite.

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