Is Sugaring Something You Can Do At Home?

Is sugaring something that you can do at home?  Absolutely!!  cali+bare has created 3 gift worthy home sugaring kits that will make your hair removal endeavors so much easier.  Forget making expensive time consuming sugaring appointments!  Arm yourself with your own sugaring hair removal kits that will save you time and money and still get you the professional results that you are looking for all in the privacy of your home!  Whether you’re are a hard core DIYer (like me!) or if you just want to have the convenience of being able to “touch up” areas every once in awhile in between sugaring appointments then the cali+bare sugaring kits are right for you!

Below you will see the three home sugaring kits that cali+bare has to offer.  Keep in mind that sugaring is designed to be friendly to even sensitive skin since sugaring removes only hair and dead skin unlike the dreaded wax option that will also remove live skin cells that we want to keep!  This can cause unnecessary irritation resulting in a rash and other skin issues.  See more information about sugaring vs waxing on the website.  Additionally, for those of you who are new to sugaring you will be delighted to know that sugar paste in made of only sugar, citric acid and water!  Yes that’s right!  Totally chemical-free, vegan and best of all water soluble!! That means it will wash off with just water alone unlike wax which is almost impossible to remove.

Nose Hair Removal Kit

This all-in-one kit comes in a beautiful tin to thoroughly remove nose hair for men and women for up to 8 weeks. Makes a great gift! (…Think stocking stuffer for that man in your life that has everything…including Ah..hem…nose hair!) This kit is unbelievably easy to use and I promise there is absolutely no pain!  The kit comes with a 4 oz container of sugar paste and 30 applicator sticks.  All you do is put a small ball of sugar paste onto the end of the stick, insert into the nostril area allow to adhere to hair for a few seconds then pull quickly.  I like to work in a circular fashion focusing on one side at a time. Continue this method all around the circumference of your inner nostril area until all the unwanted hair is removed.  (tip:  if there are a few strays then you can remove with a tweezer…I’m not sure why but the skin in the nostril area is very temporarily numbed after sugaring so you won’t have that painful tear welling result you normally have when you try to tweeze a nose hair.  This only last for maybe a couple minutes after sugaring so work quickly!)

Facial Strip Sugaring Kit for Women

Hair removal with strip sugaring kit

This is another all in one kit comes in a beautiful tin for everything you need to gently remove facial hair and get that smooth exfoliated make-up ready skin.  Sorry guys this one is just for the ladies.  Men’s facial hair pattern grows very differently than women.  This is designed for the unwanted fuzz that we ladies get on the upper lip, cheek and chin areas.  It can also be used to groom and shape the eyebrows.  Inside this kit you will get everything you need to remove facial fuzz: pre-powder, 30 hair removal strips, 30 applicator sticks and a 4 oz container paste. This method requires a bit of heat.  You can pop the sugar paste container into the microwave for 5 second intervals until it gets to a soft spreadable honey like consistency or fill a bowl with hot water and place the sugar paste container into the bowl until you get that consistency previously mentioned.  Obviously the microwave is quicker but both work equally well.  One you have gotten the honey like consistency simply dip your wooden stick (this one is nicely angled for more precise application) and spread onto the area in which you would like to remove hair.  Press the strip onto that same area and press for a few seconds to assure that it sticks. I like to cut the strips to the size of the area I am strip sugaring.  Then very quickly while holding the skin taut rip off the strip(like you are slapping someone in the face with the back of your hand- (I know not a very nice image).  Continue this same method on all the areas of the face until all the desired amount of hair is removed.

Body Hair Removal Kit


An all-in-one kit includes everything you need to gently remove unwanted body hair for men and women weeks for up to 8. Perfect for sugaring bikini, arms, legs, underarms, back and chest.. Sugaring with this kit will be identical to the facial strip sugaring kit for women.  The only difference is that this kit includes a 16 oz container of sugar paste, 20 applicator sticks designed for applying sugar paste to large body areas and 30 hair removal strips.


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