Founder Favorite: Favorite Spot to Sugar

One of my favorite spots to sugar is my underarms. Back in the day when I used to shave my underarms I would have to do it every other day. The razor caused irritation and could never get into those nooks and crannies so it was never completely smooth. Then the grow out was prickly as those cut hairs broke the surface of the skin. Since I started sugaring my armpits 3 things happened. 1. I sugar every three weeks (some people can wait longer to sugar depending on hair growth), 2. The skin under my arms is softer and smoother, and 3. The grow out is soft and my hair is starting to thin out as regular sugaring kills the hair follicles over time. I encourage you to try sugaring as an option to underarm hair removal. It’s fast easy and hopefully it will also become one of your favorite spots to sugar.

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